Forza T EU version

  1. Forza T EU version


    I am thinking, once the HMB trial will be finished to find a stronger ZMA; Look like that Stallone makes only quality products backed by researches although very expensive.

    Anyone has tried Forza T (instone) the EU version? Is it good for mass gain and strenght? and why the american one cannot be sold in th european union?

    1 capsule:
    vit b6 1,16 mg
    magnesium (as aspartate) 50 mg
    Zinc (monomethionine and aspartate) 3,33mg
    demiana 150 mg
    wild oats 150 mg

    take 3 capsule 1 to 2 times daily, 1 serving before bed

    can i get this with 2 caps of chrysin (500 mg)?


  2. i really wouldn't spend your money on this product. What is listed above is only a combo of ZMA with Trib, both supps that have a very small impact on anything other then a better nights sleep.

    I assume the reason why you cannot get the american version is due in part that the EU has tighter control on what comes across the waters and into your body...(The United States will one day also be that way, so dont feel bad lol)

    I would go to some of the lads on this board to search around for cheaper ( in price) products, with more power, and email them regarding their overseas shipping. Stallone, due to his name, will never do anything to step across what the world government says is "ok" and thus will make products that will always be "safe" so that he and his company will never be apart of any ban.

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