n-acetyl-l-glutamine vs. glutamine peptides

  1. n-acetyl-l-glutamine vs. glutamine peptides

    which is supposed to be the more effective form of glutamine? any personal experience appreciated. im thinking of using SAN's product NAG at 2 servings a day (10g of n-acetyl-l-glutamine) it would only run me $12 a month. are there any other products out there that use nag in significant amounts all i see is a gram here and a gram there.

  2. NAG has an advantage if you use it solo on an empty stomach, but they both hydrolyse to glutamine.

  3. Dr D. can you explain please why does NAG have advantage only if it is used solo?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by sir.kevin
    Dr D. can you explain please why does NAG have advantage only if it is used solo?
    You only get the benefits of a specific amino acid when it is taken by itself. Protein will contribute other amino acids that will compete for CNS uptake, for example. Carbs may alter metabolism in such a way as to hinder or modify the benefits of the amino acid, so if your just trying to supplement glutamine levels, I'd just use glutamine with a meal. But NAG is more of a designer glutamine. It is not as active mg/mg as regular glutamine because of the acetylation, plus NAG is probably more expensive. That's really my point. You could use NAG in place of glutamine, but it looks like it's really for solo use.

  5. And remember that the current wisdom on glut (of any variety) is that 95% gets destroyed in the gut. I'm intrigued by the GEE idea, though, and I want to try it. I'd like to see some test results from that and NAG to see if either will fly.



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