EC while bulking

  1. EC while bulking

    I would like it mostly for the extra energy, but also w/ the added benefit of helping to keep fat off. Is it possible to estimate the number of extra cals burned from taking an EC stack?

    Also, does EC affect food cravings? I've heard some contradictions on this.

    Is effedrine really a good nutrient partitioner?

    In general, if I make sure to consume enough clean calories, will EC help or hurt lean mass gains?

    It may just be wishful thinking to believe that I could add enough cals to build muscle, yet burn off the excess fat at the same time. Maybe I should just stick to plain caffeine until I'm done bulking?

  2. For me personally, EC supresses appetite, so I'd never use it to bulk. E/C only increases metabolism by a very small percentage, so I wouldnt count on it burning alot of calories.

    For lean bulking you'd be better off using a single dose of sesathin and fishoil, and eating clean of course

    Building muscle and burning fat at the same time is only possible while on AAS or if your fat% is quite high and you just started training.

  3. i've had pretty good success w/ bulking while using ABB's Speedstack EC drink, and also Dymetadrine Extreme, which is basically an ECY.... it boosts my intensity a lot, and i'm always down for a ****load of eatin, so the appetite suppression is no concern of mine. I gained about 10 solid pounds during my last bulk, and that was while using an EC fairly common. I get sick heavy workouts while using an EC, and love to use it year round, (cycling, of course). A second best if you dont want ephedrine, but still want a pre workout buzz, is probabally redline caps, or a couple Yohimbine HCL caps. both get me goin and give me a nice warm boost. hope that helps

  4. I think EC is fine for pre-workout if you really need it. I am hesistant to suggest it for bulking as you lose its subjective effects such as appetite suppression when you need it on a cut.

  5. I used to be a heavy ephedrine user myself, until chronic prostatitis reared it's ugly head. Now I have to keep my stimulant usage down, in order to avoid more flareups. Tread lightly when using the stuff, prostatitis isn't something I'd wish on my worst enemy.

  6. I use it for AM low intensity cardio during a bulk to help minimize fat gain, and also so I don't have to work as hard to keep heart rate up . Works fine, I don't feel it has affected my gains, in the last 12 weeks I've put on ~15lbs with only a one inch waist gain, which is a lot better than my last bulk attempt (30lbs over 20 weeks, no cardio, +5 inches in the waist .)


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