1. Antioxidants.

    After reading the post about megadosing vitamin C I got to thinking... I haven't seen any antioxidant-specific multi's. I'm talking about something with C, E, Beta-Carotenoids, so on and so forth. If anyone sees anything could you lemme know? Also, I read a study in either Discover or Popular Science magazine involving alpha-lipoic acid and acetyl-l-carnitine (I'm 99% sure it was those two). It talked about the incredible antioxidant effects of these when used in conjunction at the right ratios. Has anyone read this, or seen something about it online? I'll keep looking and update you guys if I do. And lastly, if someone can put up a list of antioxidants, maybe even with proper dosages, I'm sure a lot of us would find it useful. I'm working on compiling one.

  2. Milk thistle is a huge one....


  3. This is what I've come up with after a bit of research tonight... will continue tomorrow...

    Alpha-Lipoic Acid --- 2x50 mg
    Beta-Carotene ----- 20,000 I.U.
    Bilberry --------------
    CoEnzyme Q-10 --- 2x30 mg
    Copper --------------
    Ginkgo Biloba ------ 3x60 mg
    Grape Seed ---------
    Licorice Root -------- 3x200 mg
    Milk Thistle ----------
    Pine Bark -----------
    Pycnogenol ---------
    Pyridoxine ----------
    Riboflavin -----------
    Selenium -----------
    Vitamin A ----------- 2x2500 I.U
    Vitamin B6 ---------
    Vitamin C ----------- 2x500 mg
    Vitamin E ----------- 2x500 I.U.
    Zinc -----------------

    How do I.U.'s convert to mg's, by the way? It'd be nice to have them all in one format.

  4. Need some more C in that one for sure!
  5. Re: windwords7

    However, questions on what daily amounts of Vitamin C could be considered to be an "overdose" still
    come up on a regular basis, to which unfortunately, there is no universal answer applicable to everyone,
    because Overdosing on Vitamin C - just like overdosing on any other nutrient - is RELATIVE to the level of those elements that Vitamin C interacts with. In other words, it all depends on their ratio to Vitamin C.
    People with very high copper levels rarely reach optimum levels of Vitamin C (i.e. optimal benefits), unless they supplement close to 1,000mg (or unless they lower copper first through other means), and I see people in the 5-10g range that just barely make it to normal, and where they start to suffer from medical symptoms whenever they reduce that amount. In contrast, you have someone whose copper level is already quite low, and they feel a cold coming on, so they start to take a few g of Vitamin C per day. Even after just a few days of doing so, copper levels
    may drop to a point of provoking an inflammatory response.
    Ascorbic acid lowers zinc directly, and it lowers it indirectly by supporting iron uptake, so while higher intake of Vitamin C would likely be beneficial for those suffering from some forms of anemia, leukemia, left-sided ovarian cysts, or from prostatitis, it could compromise benign prostatic hypertrophy, certain liver conditions (hemochromatosis), or more serious kidney disease (renal failure).
    There's more... after reading that, I wouldn't want to recommend more than a gram a day. There are of course exceptions, but giving a blanket recommendation is foolishness.

    Another quick note: taking more than 500mg at a time is throwing the rest away. Keep it to a large number of small doses.

  6. There is plenty of eveidence to support high dosing for limited periods of time. It's not foolish.

  7. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you or megadosing was foolish, I'm saying that it isn't right for everyone, and recommending it for everyone is foolish.

    And yes, I read that thread. As stated in my first post, it's what got me onto this subject.


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