HMB trial

  1. HMB trial


    after having read the pro and cons of HMB; I risked and decided to buy it anyway. I did not want to buy dubious supplements that either do not work BECAUSE NOT BACKED BY ANY STUDY OR VERY DUBIOUS ONE (anything not listed in MEDLINE is a ? about effectivity and safety) or if they work they can damage your liver, hormonal system etc...

    So considering that Katch and Katch phsyiology Text (which is the best in exercise physiology) mentioned the studies on HMB and that It was also reviewed by the human kinetics website on sports supplements (reviews done by academics)****11

    I decided for HMB.

    Being a sports scientist, I wanted to do the trial properly (Obviously it does not have scientific validity because it is done only on 1 person but still can help you to take or not taken the supplement into consideration for your needs). I contacted the firm that has the patent (MTI) and first asked which suppliers are using their original material.

    I have been answered several but optimum nutrition, by their experience, was the most known to them for the quality of their produts. So I decided optimum nutrition mega potency.

    I will also customise, as told, the daily dose (38 mg/kg body weight) hence for me that i am tall 179 cm and weight 84 kg will be 3,192 gram.

    I will get 3 grams from optimum and 250 mg from Metrx (also using MTI).

    My aim is to increase my weight and muscles futher, or at least keep the creatine mono gain from the last 6 weeks cycle (84 kg). My calorie need is based on the Eas calculator using the formula :40-40-20.

    My last cycle was 6 weeks

    creatine mono + ala 600 mg
    glutamine 5 grams in the morning + 5 gram before training
    flaxseed oil
    arginine 4 grams before bed
    3 grm melatonin
    train 2 times a week (all body routine) + other 3 i teach and compete in Full contact karate
    reached 84 KG (good muscles gain not excessive fat)

    The HMB cycle will last 4 weeks

    I will also use Snac ZMA (I believe if you want to test the product properly should be the original used in the studies)

    Chrysin 1 grams (Kaizen) again at 1 gram chrysin for me has worked before

    ALA 300 mg (as antioxidant)

    flaxseed oil

    I will not get ZMA and HMB at the same time make a good 3 hours of space

    I have changed routine that will be HIT (all body routine) still 2 times a week still i will do karate and follow EAS calculator.

    I will post the result at the endof the 4 weeks

  2. Good deal man, good luck.

  3. Update about trial


    quickly I give you some more details; I have started the 1st of June and today is the 11th day. I feel my muscles more hard; following an advice of Eas i decided to get 4 grams of Hmb on my training day (karate and Weight training) and 2 grams on rest day.

    The diet is the same, i started at 84 kg (i am 178 cm)and my aim was to keep at least the weight gainde during my 6 week creatine cycle; at the moment i am 85kg and half. Abot strenght i do not notice anything out of the norm. Many people told me that I look more hard and muscly.

    What do u think?

  4. I'm using HMB as well and its good stuff. I think it would probably be better for a cutter because of it's anti-catabolic properties, but its good no-less..
  5. Thumbs up finished my trial


    i have just finished my 4 weeks trial with HMB (optimum nutrition);

    To summarise:

    The aim was to maintain without changing diet the 84 kg (185 pounds) my height is 1,78 cm (5,8) of weight gained using creatine mono or to increase.

    I took 4 grams when i trained (4 times a week between karate and weight training) and 2 grams on my day off. I used chrysin (1 gram) and Snac ZMA (3 before bed).I did not change my diet (calories intake 2880 a day). I often train aerobically because i compete professionally in full contact karate

    My weight is now 85 Kg (187 pounds), i feel my muscle more hard and pretty defined. However i did not notice extraordinary increase in strenght.

    So I would say that it is a good supplement to be used to maintain what you have gained during a cycle of creatine or CEE. I am about to start a cycle of 6 weeks using Omega thunder and Arginine/Ornithine and i will use again HMB perhaps this time 4 grams every day x 4 weeks to keep or improve what I will gain during the CET cycle.



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