Ergomax LMG / Max LMG Question

  1. Ergomax LMG / Max LMG Question

    I hope this hasn't already been discussed. I didn't see it anywhere.. Ergomax LMG was either a testosterone precursor or actually had testosterone in it. Right? (I haven't done much researching on it so forgive me if these are stupid questions) Max LMG is what replaced it and is more suitable for the market (for legal reasons) - however, people are making great gains on it and also are having some prostate issues - and other issues that would relate to using testosterone / androgens... So what's androgenic about Max LMG? What's the ingredient that's making this legal supplement something worthwhile? Because obviously, it is.. I received my shipment today...

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  3. So what's androgenic about Max LMG
    bro I doubt someone could answer to this without being confronted to illegal issues ... ask your question in private What I can tell you is that Max LMG's structure (13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one) is, as you can see, NOT pharmacologically related to an andro. But does that mean that it cannot bind to ARs ? Enough said
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