Rebound XT for Gyno: Dosages?

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    Rebound XT for Gyno: Dosages?

    Hello. First off, I'd like to say I am on my first PH cycle consisting of Superdrol and Max LMG and I am taking all the proper precautions with ProLiver, Red Yeast Rice, Milk Thistle, etc. Also, I am doing Nolvadex for PCT.

    Anyway, I have a 20 year old buddy who is not as smart as me who has done several m1t cycles in the past WITHOUT ANY PCT. I know, I know - he's an idiot. Anyway, he has two small lumps behind both his nipples now and he is looking to me for help. I was going to give him my Nolvadex I have saved for my PCT after my SD cycle, however I have been reading up on Designer Supplement's "Rebound XT," which just might be the better solution. I am going to recommend that he tries this out, but how should I tell him to run it? How many weeks and at what dosages?

    Thank you.

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    I believe for gyno reduction it's 4 the first week, 3 the second, 2 the third, and 1 the last week. As for a more extensive cycle, somebody else may have to chime in on that.
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