Bulk L-Leucine

  1. Bulk L-Leucine

    Anybody know where I can get bulk L-Leucine, like about a kilogram? The cheapest I have found is 4.5 cents per gram, but I was hoping to find it cheaper than that.

  2. you can get leucine, isoleucine, and valine from customnutritionwarehouse.com

  3. Bulk Leucine here and here

    L-Leucine (1 kilo) By NutraPlanet

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    Forget the BCAA's. If it's hypertrophic effects you want, just buy bulk Leucine, the other two black sheeps isoleucine and valine of the BCAA branch have not proven to be involved in the insulin release and sensitivity effects perpetuated by leucine alone.

  4. dude...nutra....its the board sponsor....dooo it!

  5. order it from Nutra and they will ship it before you press enter on your order.

  6. I wonder if he ever found any...in the last two years...

  7. haha...good call rpen

  8. Can you feel the peer pressure?

    Nutraplanet...where all the cool kids order from.
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  9. You aint cool unless you pee your pants...I mean order from Nutraplanet...


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