Glucosamine and MSM

  1. Glucosamine and MSM

    I was wondering if anyone has had any luck getting these prescribed by a doc? I know I can get them both cheap, but cash is tight right now and my shoulder is hurtin a bit. I am a military spouse so I got the free health insurance. So I am hoping the doc on base can give me a prescription so its free for me.

  2. it isn't prescription material. Get both in bulk from www.customnutritionwarehouse.c om .
    Might even get some chondroitin powder too. Mix them all together and you have a triple whammy joint support formula. 1/2 to 1 gram of each daily will do nicely, more or less of each to your preference.

  3. Yeah I know a prescription isnt needed, but I know people with joint problems have gotten a doctor to prescribe it, so insurance covers it. I was just wondering if it was pretty easy from people's experience to get a doc to do it.

  4. Your co-pay for the office visit plus % of Rx would probably be just as much as buying them direct.

  5. I don't have a copay. Military insurance.

  6. I would also highly suggest that you try Celadrin.

  7. try some WD-40 between those joints nothing works better.


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