alcohol and UA

  1. alcohol and UA

    have heard anyone mention anything about drinking and UA so i thought id ask. im aware that UA could cause liver dmg, and im sure that the excess stress from drinking may have some effect. what do u all think? and has anyone on here drank while taking UA? after reading all these liver failure stories im having second thoughts about UA?

    thnkx, dr.mdogg

  2. Well, just to clarify, it was only 1 case of liver failure which wasn't totally attributed to the use of UA. We elaborated more on this regarding the diet and body type of the person using it in another thread. No one has really been able to state if or how liver strain is caused from the use of Usnic acid in humans. Either way, recognizing that the possibility might exist, alcohol (a toxin which causes the liver to work to detoxify) would not be a wise choice.

  3. yeah i figured as much, but had to ask lol

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