Ephedra Is Back?

  1. Ephedra Is Back?

    I just got an email from a supplement vendor that says the ban was lifted. They are once again selling StackerII and Diet Fuel by Twinlab. I remember the thread about a possible lift of the ban, but I hadn't heard anything since. Does anyone know if there has been progress on the ban?

    I'll post the source if I get the ok from a mod.

  2. a federal judge ruled in favor of it. it is legal to sell now

  3. however i think the judge ruled it was ok for 10 mg/day or dose.

    The products that are coming back out have closer to 25 mg per dose which may mean that these companies could get into trouble.

  4. The studies that Neutraceutical released stated that 10mg ephedra alkoloids are not harmfull.. The FDA wants to keep the higher dosed products off the market, and those in a "proprietary blend" since they want to make sure the dose doesn't go over 30mg... I do know of a place in MA that has Stacker 2 (not my favorite) with 25mg, had it within weeks of the ruling..

  5. WOOHOO!!!!!

  6. Yeah but they won't sell it in California because they're still trying to protect the children but we can buy ephedrine legally, go figure


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