1. Fiber

    What supps do you guys use to complete your fiber needs for the day? I am trying to cut and only eat oats once a day now.

  2. any nuts, pb or almond butter. veggies all day.

  3. Wheat germ and/or bran, beans, or high-fiber cereals like All-Bran or Fiber One are a few.

  4. a fiber supp can benefit if it's used as a supplement and not a sole source. it's important to get both soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet. fruit and vegetables are excellent sources as they contain mostly water and thus have a very low impact on your diet when cutting in respect to calories.

  5. Also, you may not care but soluble fiber is fermentable by intestinal flora and contribute from 1.5 to 2 cal per gram. Food for thought.

  6. I use psyllium husks a lot..especially during times when I'm not eating enough fruits and veggies. They are certainly not a replacement for all the nutrients in veggies but they are an incredible source of fiber..both soluable and insoluable if I remember correctly.

    I just buy a pound or so of them and use a protein shake scoop full in my nighttime shake. This helps slow the digestion of the protein overnight and will turbocharge your morning dump.

    These pipes are cleeeeaaan!

  7. I get enough from 4 cups of oats and 1 cup of broccoli.

  8. Wow, an extra fiber All Bran. What'd they put in there, sand? The thing about All Bran though is that it has HFCS and sugar too I think. I'll stick to my Uncle Sam.

  9. I just take metamucil in the morning. I mix it with my tang and NoXplode.

  10. Any metamucil knock off or just plain psylium husk are good sources of fiber. Inulin is good as well, though harder to find these days.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Scottyo
    Any metamucil knock off or just plain psylium husk are good sources of fiber. Inulin is good as well, though harder to find these days.
    Inulin is the main source of Fiber is those chewable tablets they have now at the drugstore. I forgot the name brand but there big chalky tablets, orange flavored, you can get regualar and sugar free versions. There is a product called Fiber-Psyl or something like that, I only know to get it at powernutrition. I wish some of the sponsers would pick it up. Its a good psylium husk product. Its got 12 grams of fiber per scoop. Thats much higher than that metamucil ****. The thing is psylium husk is not to be taken with any supplements because it inhibits absorbtion. You should wait 2 hours before or 2 hours after you take your fiber to take a supplement. Just look at the label of metamucil caplets...

  12. I actually like the taste of psylium in my PM gives it a thick consistency.

    Kalyx has 25 pound bags of either psyllium husks, powdered husks or whole seeds for about $150 case you're really clogged up. lol

  13. Do you burn any extra calories by upping your fiber? I'm sure if you do it isn't much, but I was just curious.

  14. I doubt it is significant. The slowing down of absorbtion rates is probably more a key issue in regard to nutrient timing although I've never seen a study done on psylium + whey. It'd be interesting to know exactly how much it slows digestion of whey down or if I'm wasting my time and need to use a casein shake instead.

  15. Thanks guys. Very helpful.


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