Is this any good,its on cleareance at my local walmart for 2.50$ bottle.I purchased 4 bottles,may get more.
It contains:vit d as cholecalciferol 80iu, vit d as pyridoxine hci .5mg,folic acid 100mcg,vit b12 as cyanocoblamin1.5mcg,calcium
200mg,tea complex green tea white tea olong tea 550mg,polyphenis 360 mg,totalcatechins 270mg,epigallocatechin gallate 140mg,caffine from guarana,green tea,oolong tea,green coffee,white tea 200mg, green coffee 150mg,polyphenois 83mg,chlorogenic acid,and bioperine black pepper fruit extract 5mg.
60 caps a bottle.I figured i couldnt go wrong at 2.50 a bottle,but i could be wrong.Should i stock up?Cant be real good or it wouldnt be on clearence.Its made by eas.