transdermal spot reducer?

  1. transdermal spot reducer?

    Just browsing through the supplement forum on another website and came across a thread discussing a product called ab-solved. It supposedly spot reduces fat around your waist line by lowering cortisol levels. Has anybody tried this product because it seems like one of those "too good to be true" type things.


  2. Two others worth looking at are Avant Labs Lipoderm-Ultra and/or ALRI's Chizeled. Both are available at Nutraplanet.

  3. I am thinking picking up some chizled, might use that in conjuction with some Capzasin (OTC version).

    Not too much info on people who have used the chizled though, anyone have results? I have used Avants gels, but I am pretty confident i was too high bf% to see results, and with nutraplants special going on, i might give it a go.


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