Rebound XT for gyno. Stunted Growth?

  1. Rebound XT for gyno. Stunted Growth?

    I have just ordered some Rebound XT to see if it will reduce my pubertal/obesity related gyno. I was very much overweight from until I was 19 when I decided to take lifting and dieting serious and lost 60 lbs. I thought my man boobs would go away as I lost weight. Well now I realize that with my bf as low as it is and how tough these things are behind my nipples that I have a pretty solid case of gyno. I have never used anything to get rid of them because I am only 21 and don't want to mess with my hormones. I hadn't grown taller or anything for a couple years now so I figured I had hit as high as I was going to so I thought now was the time to try this. Recently though I have grown another half inch in a couple weeks. My question is would taking Rebound XT hinder my growth or is it considered safe as far as that goes?

  2. Well we know that estrogen causes the epiphyseal plates to ossify...

    If you are lucky enough to still be growing... don't mess around with any supplements that are going to cause hormonal imbalances. Wait untill you are 25 or go see a doc and get some X-Rays in a couple of years to see if they are still open.

    With that said I would wait before taking anything. But I'm 5'6 so I'm envious... to me..... Height > Gyno
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