How long is UA in your system?

  1. How long is UA in your system?

    How long is the detection period of Usnic Acid in the urine? I hear the half life is 4-16 hours. Any info....

  2. The half life was shown in a study to be around 10 hours +-2  I believe. So potentially anywhere from 8-12 hours. Note, this is half life, so it would take an equal period of time for it to be out of your system.


  3. thanks!

  4. Dez, stop sweating it.. They don't test for UA in natural competitions, brother..

    Besides, Half-Life means how long it takes for half the compound to be metabolized.. So even if a test for it were around, you can always time your doseage to when it's test time, slight chance they'll find it or not..

    Stop worrying about it, and GET SWOLE!!

  5. Dez, are you planning on using it? I hope your not planning on using it for cutting in wrestling... Bad idea



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