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    Labrada Humanofort

    Ive heard that humanofort takin around 400 mg's a day is a pretty decent supp for boosting test levels, improving sleep, and strength gains. I have decided to try it at 1000 mg's a day for six weeks because i have not heard of anyone trying it at this dose and im curious as a spider monkey. Its been 9 days since i started and i do sleep deeeep and i have wacky dreams, my wieght is the same, 290, and my strenght has increased slightly. I consume around 5000 cals a day, lift 4 days a week and box 2 days a week. This is my first thread so forgive me if its a little incomplete.

  2. Sorry Street Bear, You got suckered and so did Labrada. Humanofort is worthless, all the so called benefits were made up in Emeric Delcegs head. He is the one marketing Humanofort and I used to work with him. In fact I was the one corresponding with the Romanian company when he came back from Romania with this product. The product had insignificant clinical data on athletes and Emeric told the Romanian doctor to just make some up because nobody would know. He then went on to create in his mind what the product would do. I can't belive Labrada was so stupid. Perhaps he felt sorry for Delczeg because he is such a dilapidated old man but that is no excuse. Humanofort is worthless. I am sorry to ruin the only effect is has and that is placebo. Humanofort is a joke. With this one product Labrada just lost all credibility.

    The truth has been spoken.

  3. street bear
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    well aint that a bitch.

  4. It is not your fault Street Bear, Labrada had a good reputation until the release of this worthless garbage and why would anyone think he was selling useless products now? This is really a shame on him and his company and this is worse for Labrada than you so don't feel bad. The last company to be tricked by Delczeg and push Humanofort hard in the USA went bankrupt (GEN). I don't think that Labrada will go bankrupt because of this product but it is clearly a sign that they are headed downhill, and fast. There is absolutely no excuse for a reputable company to release such hocus pokus.

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