Best stimulant-free thermogenic/fat burner

  1. Best stimulant-free thermogenic/fat burner

    Been out of the supplement swing for awhile and was wondering
    what was the best stimulant-free thermogenic/fat burner?

    Also, the topical fat burners, any good? Heard both good and bad
    things about them.

    Of course, diet is in check.

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  3. Anyone who is not marketing items?

  4. Avants H.E.A.T stack gets posative reviews

  5. I'm liking scivation/prima force's Thermal Rage. It has some caffiene in it, though, so I don't know if that qualifies for what you want. I started taking it last week and find it to be pretty good stuff. I hope more people try it, because it would really suck if they stopped making it due to lack of sales or something. Plus, it's cheap as heck.

  6. My mom has had good results with Avant's Lipoderm-Y with a small amount of liquid clen. Might try that. Loki has the dosing patterns posted elsewhere on here.

  7. You got your mom on clen?

  8. Shhhhhh.

  9. I'm wondering about this as well. I've always responded well to the E/C/A stack, yet clen did nothing in terms of losing fat. It just kept me from gaining any post cycle. When I tried it last summer for fat loss, I got nothing from clen except jitters.

    However, I have to see a cardiologist soon for a genetic heart palpatation that comes and goes. Nothing serious, but I'd rather be careful.

    I was looking at H.E.A.T. and Lipo 6 without the e in it. Yohimbe hasn't been a problem in the past.

    There's a lot to read here, admittedly, but I'd still like some more recommendations.

  10. I'm using camphibolic and it works great I've lost 17#'s


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