Legit Nolva? Help Please.

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    Unhappy Legit Nolva? Help Please.

    Hi, I ordered a 3-way stack of Superdrol, Max LMG, and Rebound XT from EDIT. However, I e-mailed the site and asked if they could negate the charges on the Rebound XT since I wanted to buy Nolvadex instead. The owner then told me his friend has a research chemical site and he replaced the XT with Liquid Nolva.

    Well, I just received the liquid nolva. I have had liquid nolva before that came in a small vial. This however has come in a clear small bottle (sort of like a traveler's shampoo bottle). It's a cloudy solution and the bottle has the name EDIT professionally printed on it. It says non-toxic 20mg/ml. I unscrewed the top and smelled it and it almost has a minty-like odor. I tried going to EDIT but it's not up yet...


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    Lion Nutrition bottles theirs that way I believe. It's cloudy more than likely because of a flavor additive which would give it that minty smell. Most RC sites don't put flavor in their Nolva because it is a research chem that's to be tested on "rats" . This is what I guess is the deal with the cloudy Nolva, but if you have any questions I'd e-mail the dude back and ask if this is the case...because you never know, it may be a flavor additive or it may be a bad batch. I'd definitely ask though. Good luck to ya.

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