flax seed powder

  1. flax seed powder

    Been looking to up my nutrition a bit more and get a more healthy diet down for the summer and for future bulks. Right now i am trying to add in some flax seed for joint and healthy fats. The oil seems pretty expensive since I want to use 4-5tbs a day of it mixed in with some of my shakes (whey, oatmeal, pb, bannas, and milk). I have found 500grams of flax seed powder, Im just not sure how it compares. It says 2grams of flax seed powder is equal in efa's to 1gram of flax seed oil. Well oil is measured by ml's not by grams. Not sure how it compares in calories and omega 3's. If anyone knows of a cheap source of flax seed oil, as in more than 24oz containers, please let me know. I've been searching around for bulk buy of it.

  2. Go to your local health food/organic grocery market, or co-op. They generally have "bulk food" sections that are cheap. I get my golden flax there for like 1.29/lb, and grind it myself with a coffee grinder. Great stuff.

  3. So is the powder basically ground seeds? Wasn't sure if it was oil then made to powder. Also if I add it to my shakes will it take over it with its taste?

  4. The powder is just ground seeds, yes. If it's golden flax meal (as opposed to brown flax meal), a couple tablespoons won't mess with the taste much (depending on what your shake is like) but it doesn't mix at all, and tends to settle to the bottom of the shake quickly. I prefer to sprinkle it into cottage cheese or put a little bit on salads or whatever, treat it as a garnish.

  5. trueprotein.com sells flax and MCT powder as an inclusion in their mixes and as a standalone product.

  6. ground seeds are good to add for the flax oil and the fiber. I add it to shakes, oatmeal, whatever.


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