Anyone use 7-keto for cutting?

  1. Anyone use 7-keto for cutting?

    I notice a thread below asking for experiences with FL7. Just wondering if anyone has used 7-keto DHEA for cutting purposes? That seems the to be what all the marketing material suggests. For cutting, I mean for the real low BF of a show - but I'd be interested in any experiences at all.

    Thanks for your input!


  2. Well the i've been using it but nothing to report yet. From what I've been reading is it takes a while b4 it starts to be effective. I've been using FL7 for 2 and a half weeks and the waste is going down no doubt but nothing out of the ordinary to report.
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  3. Thanks for the input Dreamweaver. I'd imagine if you were doing a keto diet too, that the effects would be hard to see right at this point.

    Do you have any links that might have information that is not quite as one sided as the typical marketing that you see for the supplement?


  4. I have used oral 7 keto in the past with good results, but it was always stacked with something else(adipo the first time and MM4, beta3 and caffeine the second time) I always noticed a difference when adding it.

    Am currently using FL7. Ate like **** for 2 weeks and did not gain anything. Went to maintainence and leaned out a little (bw stayed the same). Am currently cutting calories and seeing decent results.

    I expect the best results will come in the next week or two.

  5. Maybe but you'll likely have to read in between the lines due to certain biases. I'll llet you know if I have anything that I deem significant. I'm pretty experienced with dieting and will know if something is giving me an edge.

  6. Thanks again for the input Dio and Dreamweaver. I'll pick up a couple of bottles and give it a shot.

  7. Sorry, kept telling people I would post a feedback thread!

    I've been using FL7 for 4 weeks now at maintenance cals, cardio 2x weekly. Dropped about 10 lbs so far (just got off a big bulk though), I'm very happy with it. I've used oral 7-keto this Fall at 100mg 2x daily with decent results, but trans 7-oxo really seems promising!

  8. Thanks jweave23.

    Based on how well the homemade transdermals worked for me, I have been very interested in the FL7. Seems that it has been pulled in that whole unhappy government oppression of Avant labs thingy though.

    So I'm stuck with the oral for right now. Is anyone aware of anyplace to by 7-keto in bulk so I could perhaps make my own homebrew weight loss?

    Thanks again for the feedback!


  9. IFast still sells it I think. One thing I did not mention sure I lost some weight and about 3 inches off my wait in less then 3 weeks which is good but Keto is supposed to be good. The one thing I forgot to mention though is that I have done 0 cardio so taking that into consideration the FL7 may be doing something.

    If I continue to lose close to 3 lbs per week without cardio I will suspect that the FL7 has done something particularly if the waist continues of go down at a similar rate. I will not begin go employ cardio untill I have to.
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  10. I checked 1fast400 last night and there is a big "N/A" next to both FL7 and Leptigen. Too bad there is most likely filler in the caplets or I would just open them up and dump them into my own solution.

    I've lost a bunch with keto as well - I have that metallic taste in my mouth quite a bit which I hear is a sign that you are burning through the ketones. My source may be messed up in that regard though. I'm just looking for something to keep the body cooking along so that I don't slow down. It would be nice to reduce the cardio. As it is, I'm just doing 10-12 minutes of HIIT 3x a week to jack up the metabolism and leaving it at that.


  11. Well like I said in the other thread increasing your cardio may be your answer and yes less cardio is nice but not always practical. You might want to think about some longer low intensiity sessions when you start to slow down, but hey you may not just keep monitoring your progress closely.
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  12. Ok FL7 may be doing something 1'm down anotner 4 lbs thats 22 in 4 weeks with no cardio.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  13. Is the weight loss mostly fat and water loss? I see people get excited when they gain 12 lbs on ph's. People are happy about 5 lbs loss when cutting. But isn't it more important to improve visually than on the scale? You have heard experts saying forget the scale, get a tape measure.

    My point is that it would be cool if people will post results like 'I loss 2% bf' or 'I gained 15lbs on my skull crusher' rather than I gain/loss 10 lbs?!

  14. Down 4.5 inches on my waist and about 6% body fat so about 4 lbs is water. Sorry I thought the water loss was assumed. I am very experienced with weight loss as a natural so I know all my tendancies backwards. I didn't say I was all excited I said that this falls out of the realm of my usual tendancies (or meant to say ).

  15. Thanks for the response. Good to hear it's working well. I am thinking about using FL7 and these results are more confirming than saying I lost/gained 5 lbs.

  16. Yah I am reluctant to jump on the bandwagon with supps cuz it's sometimes hard to be certain, but normally I would have to do some cardio to lose this kind of weight, I'll keep you posted.
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  17. Originally posted by DreamWeaver
    Ok FL7 may be doing something 1'm down anotner 4 lbs thats 22 in 4 weeks with no cardio.
    those are good results
    What did you start off at, and what are you at?
    Also, what kind of cardio are you doing

    good results for maintenance cals and only 2x a week

  18. No cardio and I'm on a keto below maintenance 300 to 400 cals. I have a very slow metabolism so they are good results. Tell you what if I get another 3 lbs this week I will definitely give the FL7 the two thumbs up. There half way up now (I'm playing the skeptic). I just don't want to lead anybody on.

    I started off at 257.5 lbs and 23% body fat with a 43 inch waist.

    I am currently 235.5 17% body fat with a 38.75 inch waist. I expect about 4 to 5 lbs water loss so I have to say no muscle loss and there shouldn't be untill I get below 10 or 12% and even then it's only usually a couple lbs.

  19. So all you are taking is the FL7 (7-kero right?)
    doing no cardio, and a keto diet?

  20. Yah I just started an my ECA today and will be adding other elements later. My workouts are ungodly though, the toughest I've ever done but I"m bashin away and winnin. I'm a tough old bastard hehe. A little crazy too.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  21. What does your current workout look like?

  22. lol you don't want to know. Ok I'll tell you but I strongly suggest that people don't go out and try this unless they are very used to this kind of lifting or have done things that are similar. It takes years to build up to this sort of thing.

    What I am doing it taking two body parts super setting for 8 sets of 7. It's not too bad on chest and back day or shoulder and arm day. Leg day is horrible, I superset heavy leg press with deads. The first time I did it I thought I might puke after the first set. I couldn't complete it the first time out as my back gave out. Deads are really hard to do when your legs are pre-exhausted. It's a lot harder than it sounds, it takes everything you have to finish each set and as you get near the end your close to tears. Takes a lot of balls to complete, I know very few people who do it and some who flat out refuse to try. You have to be a bit crazy. The other two days are still hard but not nearly as bad.
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  23. Wow, That's cool
    Do you use a spotter?
    And what kinda weight do you use? Whatever feels right, or a certain % of 1RM

  24. Well you have to use a spotter on some stuff like on bench at the end you can't even feel your arms any more even know you have strength left it makes you sort of feel like you might need a spotter when you feel numb and negatives don't work without a spotter.

    You sort have to fee the weight out I was using about 90% of what I would do for the 7 reps. When you on 1test it's suprising how long you can go without droping the weight and you feel like a freakin monster as I started losing weight (I'm cutting) and off the 1test things change. That's why I'm off that routine now and will start with the crazy training on my next cycle. I told him to think up something that will kill me so it will be interesting and I know I"m going to regret it but remember I'm a bit crazy. I don't recommend this type of training as I don't know who I'm talking to on the internet and these routines could really hurt somebody.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  25. lol yeah
    and I don't think ill get my hands on 1 test for a while... or any PH
    at least 3 years to make sure i dont **** my self up


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