Is the absolute best protein powder i've ever tasted. They got rid of the whey taste! incredible.

  2. The strawberry kiwi is good as well

  3. IMO fuzzy navel is the bomb. I've been mixing it in skim milk and it is still delicious.
    Sour apple is also quite good. You'll probably like substance wpi by primaforce too. I like the grape better than watermelon. These shakes are like cheats to me.

  4. i loved fuzzy navel nectar but i didn't care for either substance wpi (i couldn't ever get it to mix without any clumps)

  5. I had clump probs when I first got it, but nothing since. I think it was a solubility issue with the first batch.

  6. i had recently purchased it! I guess it is possable i got an old batch but very unlikely

  7. oh, I just remembered, it was glutaform that I had a solubility issue. With substance, mine was clumping too. Here is what I did: I would take a shaker cup with substance and dextrose to the gym with me. With about 15min. left I would start shaking it up. I did this a few times during rests. The extra time let it dissolve. IF you still have some left give it a whirl. Interestingly, I've had more probs with the fuzzy navel clumping than anything else.

  8. I had issues with substance as well...but then I started to mix it, leave it sit for a few minutes, then mix it again and no clumps.

  9. I belive that I can now say definitively that nectar tastes better than substance.

    Even the grape is just too sweet and thin. The watermelon is kind of sickly sweet. I am a Nectar fan.

  10. has anyone tried the new nectar flavor


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