Slow digesting protein Post-WO

  1. Slow digesting protein Post-WO

    Ok, i was skimming through the HST website and i started to wonder, the whole slow-release aminos post-wo scenario makes sense to me personally, i did a search and came up with nothing

    So whats the consensus on a whey shake Pre-WO and a slower digesting blend Post-WO>

  2. I have been using MHP Prosobolic whey (slow release) for about two months. I only use it at bedtime since you won't have any intake of protein at this time. I have noticed with my normal routine that I can feel the difference. I have packed on two extra pounds more the past two months while on Prosobolic than when was not on it. I generally drink two or three protein shakes a day to make sure I'm getting my 2g per LB. ratio.There has been a lot of research on this and your right it does make sense!!! I'd only do it before bedtime your intaking proteins all day long and don't need a slow release protein then, just keep a steadly intake of proteins during the day.

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