max lmg=methyldiededione?

  1. Question max lmg=methyldiededione?

    I wrote this yesterday but it got deleted. I did a search on the chem name of max and it sent me to a lab in china they called it methyldiededione anyone ever hear of it.

  2. never heard of it but the name and fact that they comare to methyldiene makes me think that is probably structurally similar to methyldien.

  3. and your posting again because. . .

    There is a thread that already discussed the structure, and make up search for it.

  4. although interesting, the problem may be that this discussion opens the possibility that controversial substances become contraband substances.
  5. Question

    so I emailed the guy at the lab to get more info and he said its a derivative of levonorgestrel a birth control drug

  6. Again info that is already known, and posted.

  7. yea Iam trying to find that thread who wrote it

  8. Here is the thread I was speaking of, Mag LMG, LMG Max, whatever.... Anyhting else will have ot wait, it's too new.



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