Lil Help

  1. Lil Help

    I just need to be directed in the direction, Im looking but I dont know exactly how to phrase this.
    I just rec'd my 1 and 4 (thanks BDC, fastest I have ever rec'd something from an online store).
    So I have the 2 bottles and the extra DSO. I read part of an old post about how it may have crystalized due to cold weather. understand that part, but I need to know about fixing this. Heat it up, for how long and how? Then using this I saw several posts about accidental spillage into the 1 or 4! The other question is, has anyone accidently spilled the whole bottle?
    Im sorry for the noob ?'s, but I have used PH before (avant for a few cycles)

    Any help is appreciated

    Peace out

  2. Could you clarify what exactly you purchased? Was it T1 or T4 or 1,4diol??
    DMO? I assume you mean DMSO?

  3. Hi- thanks and I did mean DMSO (just typing to fast) I ordered t-1 pro and t-4

  4. Well, if its crystalized you should be able to look through the bottle and see whether or not its still liquid. If its still liquid, you don't need to heat it - but some guys heat it before they apply it because they claim it can help absorption, not sure about this. You will add the little DMSO bottles you got to the formulas and shake them to get it mixed around.

    I think if you spilled the bottle you would probably be in trouble.

  5. thanks. but the bottle is white with a sticker over it. I can tell it crystalized,( shake it you can hear it). its been pretty cold in the north east.
    Appreciate the help bro


  6. I am having the same problem with the DMSO. My bottle is solid, no liquid at all. Is there a way to make this a usable product?


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