Suppements for 10week cut

  1. Suppements for 10week cut any Suggestions?

    My 10 week Log is here:

    As for Calories being 1950 i know thats low for most, but my body seems to be able to run off low calories without much muscle loss as long as protien is high. I seem to have a very high absorbtion rate my maintence is 2500ish.
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  2. Any suggestions? Or comments.

    Please post here, Thanks

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Forster
    Any suggestions? Or comments.

    Please post here, Thanks
    No suggestions. No comments.

    I'm kidding. I would personally run the SD at 10mg/day with trimax. You need the strong anabolic, in my experience.

    I'd also use phenogen for the cut. Fish oil at 6-12g/day, EAA's and/or BCAA's for extra muscle sparing while in caloric deficit.

  4. Thanks think i will pick up some phenogen.

    I take 8g fish oil, 18 liver pills (yummy) and dose of BCAA's 1/2 way throu workouts.
    Not to mention muti's 3x a day + the other standards. pills pills pills

  5. I highly recommend transdermal 7-oxo.



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