anything besides cranberry for kidneys?

  1. anything besides cranberry for kidneys?

    Ive been on cycle with meythlated orals and kidneys are really bugging me ive done orals before without problems but havent had this problem I took a day off of them to see if it helps and the pain is still there ive been tempted to end my cycle after just 2 weeks because this is no pain like ive had before.

    Urine is clear not dark so im cool there and ive been mega dosing cranberry at 1-2 gram doses at a time and its helping only moderatley.

    Anything to try besides just cranberry?

  2. I use Saw Palmetto its good for kidneys and prostate (thats what I`ve heard anyways)

  3. Why do you think you are having kidney issues? If you truly are, then I would seek medical attention as kidney issues can be a serious health problem.

    Note, cranberry is associated with helping to prevent and aid UTI's. Actually, aiding in kidney health is questionable.

  4. Whenever I take orals I always have the dull back ache in the kidney region.

    I guess I have weak kidneys maybe but have done orals maybe twice previously without problems.

    I have taken cranberry to keep them flushed and usually seems to do the trick for me if I mega dose it.

    I was getting a knd of warm burning feeling in my kidney region nothing like the dull ache that I usually get.

    So I took a day off of orals today and they feel a little better I think that maybe I need 1 more day and the pain will be gone.

    in the mean time im using the injectable version of 4OHN deconate orally for a couple of days in hopes to just keep some hormones in my blood.

    But if I dont feel better after tomarrow then I think I will cut this cycle short.

    I was taking 24mgs MOHN and 10mg of SD for 2 weeks

    It is day 2 of week 3 and i just encountered the problems beginning of this week so I think that if it progressivly gets worse then I will this will be the last week.

    I will try to up the water intake as well as of now ive been getting in around 3 litters ed so maybe ill push for 5 litters +

  5. Sure it's not back pumps brought on by orals? They're pretty common and can hurt and throb all the time.

    Do be cautious with your kidneys though.

    Glucophase XR or other KR-ALA supps are supposed to be good for the liver and kidneys. Dandelion root is also used as a kidney tonic.

    Cranberry is really used for UTI's as previously stated. If your kidneys are inflammed it might not be so good to dump acidic cranberry juice on them.

  6. Well ive decided to drop the orals all together just to be safe i bought ALRIs new max lmg product and am going to give that a shot. It isnt methylated so im assuming not to tough for the body to process.

    I can tell a difference between back pumps and this pain though.

    It is even spreaded down to where my Urinary tract would connect to my bladder above my hips so im thinking its deff my UT. I cut out the orals for a day to see if it would improve and it has so I think im gonna go with the ALRI product and give it a shot.


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