Need some honest opinions here on the likeliness of this happening...

  1. Need some honest opinions here on the likeliness of this happening...

    The scenario is this:
    Person A starts cellmass & noXplode and in one month gets huge. Adds around 10lbs of muscle and has blown up very big (not water retention huge but muscle huge). He has only really gotten into hardcore training around a month ago as well. What i'm trying to ascertain is whether or not he's actually using something else (ala AAS or PH) b/c his diet is not inline and he is not exactly that knowledgable about the substances. What do you guys think? If it is something else I need to try and help him out so he doesn't do some real harm to himself.


  2. Probably just his newbie gains couple with some intial weight gain from the creatine. 10lbs in a month isnt rediculous for someone who just started lifting.

  3. I gotta agree, new muscles come on quick but then slow down once your in shape. 10 lbs for me would mean AAS. and I have not even had that kind of luck with AAS.

  4. Damn I sure miss those newbie gains!

    I remember when I started hardcore like 3.5 yrs back, in 6 weeks people were asking if I was taking 'stuff' - the only thing (other than a protein supp) I took was a creatine formula.

    In other words, it is possible for a newb.
  5. Coolridge
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    ability to grow and expand is largely due to hormone profile.....maybe he does have more test in his system than you, maybe endogenously maybe exogenous.......
    high androgen test based stack causes fluid retention, so does high anabolc such as dbol.....maybe he's using winny....besides the stacks are endless
    In the end, if he is on a stack and the growth is that phenomonal then so will the side effects, the usual suspects. he could always have nolva and pct on hand already so you may also not see that either... but when the stack stops and they all must, provided he doesnt have access to anticatabolics like slin,gh,igf-1 or its better relations etc (big $) then he will shrink... eventually... might be in 4-6-8-12 wks depending on cycle...
    but hell ive put on 7kg's in 3 days just eating and sleeping after 4 days hardcore, no juice.......
    Maybe he's a freak in the making or a tragedy waiting to happen.....
    If he's your friend then just be there......



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