Follicare HAir regrowth system Review

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    Cross posted at avant....

    about 4 months ago i was shopping around for some hair regrowth products as i noticed my hair wasnt doing so well, a lot of thinning around the temples and front especially. to make a long story short i settled in on

    i ordered the 4 month supply, and started using it as instructed 2 times daily religiously.

    The product contains a spray bottle(which the included minoxidil %5 can be added to for convenience) a 2 pill/day supplement and a shampoo.

    Foir the record i tried straight rogain(%5 minox) for almost 6 months staright with very very little result. so on i go....

    Results, end of:

    Month 1:
    i personally did not notice anything but my gf swears she sees tiny little hairts appearing everywhere.

    Month 2:
    I started seeing these brand new hairs. getting pretty excited by this point, as i read it could take 8 to 12 weeks to notice anything to begin with.

    Month 3:
    The rate of new hair growing slowed down a bit, but the new ones are getting longer. hooray for filling up those nasty areas.
    Decided on the advice of fello posters to add 2 applications og spironolactone after the spray. Figured if i am going through all this hassle i might as well throw this cheap addition in. eh? :P

    this month i went on the extreme 2 week diet, with 1-ad and SO+, and extending the androgen for the whole month aswell(currently week 2 pct). continued with spiro.

    considering the above its still was astonishing to see the improvement apparent. it was getting better, at a slower rate but still no regression even with the powerfull androgens.
    This month everyone was totally noticing my hair(mainly people i havent seen for month.)

    I am very glad it had worked for me, and the money back guarrantee was a very welcome addition when i made my purchase. I will be getting another 4 month supplu end of this week to continue.

    overall, extremely pleased

  2. Glad to hear it worked for you. How much is that stuff?

  3. sounds like similar products you can get from custom.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by wastedwhiteboy2
    sounds like similar products you can get from custom.
    i got the spiro from CNW, but the minox comes with the package so i didnt bother.

    anyways like i said i tried the minox by itself and nada. and the spiro i added the 3rd month when the whole thing was working already. so it must be the shampoo and spray making it happen

    its a $160 for 4 month supply.

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