Hot-Rox + Ephedrine HCL

  1. Hot-Rox + Ephedrine HCL

    Ok ok, so I fell for the hype and bought a bottle of hot-rox. Now that the damage is already done I'm wondering if it would be synergistic to stack it with some ephedrine hcl. Any input would be appreciated. I might as well use it since i already bought it.

  2. I wouldn't stack those two if I were you. Even though Hot Rox isn't one of those "ampy" kind of supps, you never know what type of stimulation it might cause, in combination with the Eph.

    I've used Hot Rox by itself and it's a decent product by itself. It's not the end-all supp for fat loss, but it will work. Good luck with it NewBuddy!

  3. You're not supposed to use them together.

    And what hype? Most of what I've heard about HR is that it's rather mediocre.

  4. i think hot rox is much better than people give it credit for. imo its overall well above average in terms of thermos

  5. HOT ROX & Biotest. I bought two bottles of this junk. I used one bottle NO results,I started the 2nd bottle still nothing so I decided to return the bottle to Biotest, Biotest is such a seedy company that the would even honor a return of their sloppy product, and would rather spend $$$ to return the crap back to me. So buyer Beware when dealing with a company like Biotest. If there was ever a thought of "placebo" supplement I would
    say it would have the name BIOTEST on the side..

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    Ephedrine works through cAMP signaling so dose the sclaremax in Hot rox so it would be pointless.



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