Red Rice Yeast

  1. Red Rice Yeast

    I am currently halfway through a 3week cycle of SD. Is it worth taking this during my SD cycle in an attempt to help lipids or will it not touch them as the SD is too strong. Also whats the recommended dose, whens best to take it and how often.


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    i took red yeast rice on cycle and take it off cycle regularly. I think it is a great supp to add into your daily ones. The ones I had I took 3 per day, just take what the bottle recommends.

  3. how many mg was that do you know, going to add in fish oil too 10g, (already have flax )


  4. 1.2-1.5g is adequate which is usually 2-3 caps per day. I would take it with a meal but it really doesn't matter according to all the various labels. You can take the caps all at once or throughout the day it shouldn't matter. Make sure to take either coQ10 or Idebenone as RYR tends to deplete coQ10.

  5. what is coQ10 ??



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