Caffeine, Ephedrea, other CNS stims..Not working?

  1. Caffeine, Ephedrea, other CNS stims..Not working?

    I had a long-time nagging question I hope some of you guys could help me with.

    I tried on many occasions over the past year or two, adding a thermogenic when cutting, usually a E/C/ or Y/C. Few times tried pre-made fat burners (usually containing herbal ephedra, yohimbine, caffeine)

    I don't know what it is, but I never get anything off of them. I have taken more of them (responsibly, not a rediculous amount) and still could fall asleep an hour later. Its weird, because I always hear stories of sweating, racing heartrate, etc etc.

    I never drank coffee, and never drank soda my entire life except when going out to eat ocasionally... so i don't have a tolerance to it

    Is there a reason why my body won't react to these things? I respond well to every other supplement I ever took besides those, (and NO2 haha) I just dont get it!!

    I'm going to try a cycle of Clen this season when I cut. In a few weeks actually...anxious to see what happens with that. Just wondering if any of you guys have any simliar responses to the traditional thermogenics like i do?

  2. Everyone responds different. Also, just because you don't "feel" them, doesn't mean they aren't working.

  3. Well I'm sure everyone responds differently, I just never had a conversation with anyone who didn't feel a thing, and wasn't sure if it is common.

    I thought for sure my heartrate would be different though. Oh well.

  4. Interesting, joe. I've not heard of a non-responder to E/C or E/Y. Certainly seems to be the case for you. though.

  5. I'm the same way. Can take ephedrine 1 hour before bed and sleep like a baby all night. Never felt any stimulant effect from it either, but clen made me feel something so you might want to try it.

  6. Like I said, just because you don't feel them doesn't mean they're not working. Take your HR at the same time of the day, once w/o EC and once w/. I'd like to hear your results.

  7. My girlfriend is the same way with caffeine. She can drink two cups of coffee right before bed. I'm at the other end of the spectrum. I could never take more than half the recommended dose of ECA products without extreme sweating, pissing 6 times an hour, and anxious feelings.

  8. Well I tried what was suggested by KCPreki11, I had to borrow from a friend , I didnt have any E/C or anything leftover from last year. Not exactly what I tried, but here is what was in it:

    Edit: called friend, fixed the ingredients
    Here is what was in the pills:
    200mg of caffeine
    25mg Ephedrine HCL
    50mg Yohimbe
    5.5 mg Synephrine Alkaloids

    This was while working, so there was minimal change in my own activity at the times to keep constant as possible, and completly resting for 3 mins before each pulse taken. I took the Stuff right before I checked my HR at 1:55pm and waited an hour and tried again.

    1:55pm - 69Bpm.
    2:55pm -72Bpm.

    Again, I would like to try this again w/ my own stack, but I doubt i will, because I don't really plan on buying the ingredients again. Take it for what its worth! Good day guys!

  9. I dont get much of an effect from ECA, but I tried Redline with Yohimbee and it was a totally different story. Im assuming it was the Y since Ive since done some more reading and found others who have had simiral experience. You might give something with yohimbee a try to see if you like it.

  10. Yeah, I got some clen, i'm going to give it a go in 2 weeks after i finish up my current HST and after the week off.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by 50joe
    I get absolutely no stimulant effect from yohimbine, and at this point I have a pretty decent caffeine tolerance (I can drink a case of diet mt. dew and feel nothing). Ephedrine will give me a little "oomph" if I haven't touched it in a few weeks, but basically the same goes for it, give or take.

    I've never heard of someone who didn't get at least something from clen, though everyone's different. As always, be careful dosing it the first time you give it a whirl. If you're not sure if you respect clen enough, search for "clenbuterol" on erowid and read the dude's log. That'll put the fear of clen in you.


  12. Haha, i that erowid site...weird..... I read that guys story before, I can't believe that guy was alright.. I already read a lot of articles about the stuff, heard about glenihan's ordeal on here, I have read a lot about it before thinking of using it, plan to start with the typical 20mu and ramp it up from there, and see how it goes


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