Bulk Powder Aficionados: The Greatest Mixer Ever!

  1. Bulk Powder Aficionados: The Greatest Mixer Ever!

    Okay, maybe a bit exaggerated in the title, but Crystal Light has a new (at least new to me) grapefruit flavored powder. It tastes delicious on its own, and remained quite pleasant to drink even when mixed with:
    10g BCAA
    3g Cit. Malate
    5g Taurine
    2g CEE
    3g Tyrosine
    2.5g ALCAR
    1g Choline
    1g Betaine
    24oz of water

    Previously, I used to slam the above cocktail down with pink lemonade or classic orange Crystal Light. It was quite foul, but worth the unpleasantness. With the new Grapefruit crystal Light it actually tastes fine. The texture is a bit funky, but overall great stuff.

  2. Thats quite the cocktail there!

  3. How do you live with yourself after you take that?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by poison
    How do you live with yourself after you take that?
    It is quite easy. In fact it is easier than living with myself without taking that. I was just trying to knock off some of the best PW workout supps, Extend, Neurostim and Body Octane.

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