Hey guys,,i have a question about true protiens Trib. and Caps. machine....

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    Hey guys,,i have a question about true protiens Trib. and Caps. machine....

    I purchased a capsule machine from trueprotien.com along with some of there tribulus. the thing is, im tryin to figure out exactly how many mg's i will be gettin in each capsule when converting the powder into capsule form? the bottle claims there should be 200 servings that consist of 500 mg's per serving, but im still havin trouble figurin out how many mg's per cap since the device has a tool that allows you to compress the capsules , which pretty much packs a bit more powder into each cap.

    Well,, i also wanted to say, that this device is really nice. very easy to use and does a good job in convertin powder into cap form.

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    Filler for capping your own powders?

    look at the last post from lozgod, what else can I say other than DAMN! that sums this question up!

    (don't be afraid to use the search button, this question has been answered before)

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