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    Red face NeuroStim Sampler Review

    So lately I have been ordering alot of stuff and as a result, getting a ton of free samples . I had about 4-5 packs of Neurostim sitting around so I decided to give it an honest try. I had taken 1 of each (the caffeine one and non-c one) seperately and it didn't do jack at all except the caffeine one made my breath taste like fart (dead serious). So I was running late to work so I thru together the C one and the non-C one with about 8oz of Sprite. The fizz was scary high for multiple minutes, so I downed it anyways. Still tasted like crap so I finished it all in 3 quick gulps. Ok, so now at work like 10 minutes later I think I'm feeling it. It seemed to reduce anxiety a bit, but didn't really help me focus. I really didn't feel anything wonderful going on in my brain. I would say there was a slight feeling. Anyways, it wore off soon. I dunno, I guess this stuff just doesn't work for me.

  2. For me the Neurostim C worked great! About the only complaint I had were the effects lasted quite a while, if that's a complaint at all. Darius maybe you could use it for 2-3days in a row, to let the levels of choline build up, then you may get better results, just an idea. Either way some people respond to some supps more than others, so this may not work for you period.

  3. stuff didnt do **** for me

  4. I use it and I'd say it work's for me. I dont know if it's a psychological thing, but I'm more focused when I hit the gym. It also gives me the extra reps, when before I felt like giving up. I mix it with BCAA and ALCAR also.

  5. Custom is looking for some people who have tried the neurostim + c to try out a stack.

    Here is the link:

  6. Is he planning to have a separate group of testers for this board? I rarely post over there but have tried various nootropics so I could compare products.


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