1. Ecdysterone

    I'm seeing more and more about this supp recently, can anyone give me a little info about it...and perharps some feedback from experienced uses are far as results to expect...also any good brands?

  2. I would if customs would┬┤nt have had it closed away ┬┤cause of a f++ing bottle of melatonin and zinc-capsules.

    Ecdysten was tested for quality and quantity for a University study here and been proven to contain the exact amounts of
    what the lable claimed(plus zero impurities from Phs or AAS).

  3. No product I've ever seen lets you hit the needed dose to get results. Most people report results at > 1 gram a day. I didn't see results of any kind at that dose, probably due to body weight since I'm such a fat bastard. There are a few logs here from users. If you want to try it I'd go for raw powder on this one since the cost is so high.

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