Womens supplements

  1. Womens supplements

    My GF is starting to workout with me and she wants to use some supplements. I advised her to just workout and eat a solid diet but with me going to use all these exotic PH;s she want to use something too. I know creatine and maybe ZMA but is there anything else exotic she can use. I was looking at Syntraxs Proxylon, Methoxyon, ans Syntrabol. I have heard that women get better results then men with these. Any ideas.

  2. No ones touched this thread, so I guess I will.....

    Im not going to throw around any supplements for I dont know the female endocrine system like a males, but you are correct, things like ZMA, creatine, flax oil, liver tabs, protein powder are all fine and will be beneficial for a woman. I dont follow Syntrax products too much, so I dont know what the abover mentioned products are for, or what they contain. If she wants something 'exotic', lead her to the squat rack

  3. she's got plenty to keep her interested initally I hope without 'exotic' (read:usually useless) supps, althout I'd think the gradual inclusion of the basics that YJ already stated would be plenty, at least until she starts to get used to the whole thing... either way, it's cool to share this lifestyle with the significant other, so props to you guys... no Hungry Man breakfasts for you!

  4. Thanks bro's. I think I'll just keep it basic. And "Squat Rack" LOL. Yeah I love those squats!

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