trimax and diet

  1. trimax and diet

    I am going to begin trimax next week, going up to two caps a day. I am using 20mg SD to combat lbm loss. I am wondering about calories. Most agree that SD works mostly when on 500calories+ above maint. calories. Many say it does not work well if you are below maint. So my question is, would it be a waste of trimax if I am eating slightly above maint. in calories? Or can I still lose a good amount of fat If I keep the calories clean?

  2. I've read some people who gained LBM and reduced BF on a Trimax/AAS stack. Would be interesting to see. Your goals should dictate your cals more than anything, though.

  3. my goals are mainly to cut while maintianing lbm and strength. Its just when I read about superdrol, many say you wont get very great affects from it if you eat above maintainance. So I am just trying to figure out if trimax will still strip fat off me if Im eating 300cals over maint. and running three times a week.

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