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    I've started to see this in some of the newer fat-burners and was wondering if anybody had tried it by itself now that Mike's got it on sale for $1 a gram? From what I hear at Avant you could take about 100-150mg ED so 25g could last you 250 days.

  2. I have use a burner with Evodiamine in it, VPX Redline, and had good results. I dont know if anyone has used it by itself but it could be a good addition to an EC/ECY stack.

  3. Anybody ever tried taking evodiamine intranasally? I've always kind of been curious and have just never really gotten around to it...

  4. You're a nut I can only imagine that feeling.

  5. I ordered some from Mike a little while ago so if anyone is interested I'll keep a log.

  6. I would not expect much from Evo on its own, but it goes very well with things that increase catecholamines (i.e. tyramine, ephedrine, alpha-Y, yohimbine, etc.), as it will increase their activity.

    It also has a number of other nice little benefits like inhibition of gastric emptying, ANG II antagonism, and cortisol reduction.

  7. I am not sure which ingredients in HEAT I like but it is a great product, and without the evodiamine it would be called HAT...Dim

  8. I still think we should add Synephrine just so we can call it "(The) S.H.E.A.T"

  9. This is too funny

  10. Quote Originally Posted by TheCrownedOne
    This is too funny

    Without Hordenine, it would be called "E.A.T."

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Par Deus
    Without Hordenine, it would be called "E.A.T."
    all you guys have too much time on your hands....... i can't talk though.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Par Deus
    Without Hordenine, it would be called "E.A.T."
    Funny you should go there. My container says that 1/4 tsp is 440mg. Since I don't have a scale I have to use a Sea Monkey spoon to measure out small amounts of bulk powders. It takes about 5 large-end Sea Monkey scoops to make 1/8 tsp or 220mg, so it works out to about 44mg per spoonful. I've started taking 5 a day (or 220mg), and in reference to your quip, Par, I've noticed that EAT is exactly what it makes me want to do. Makes me really crave food...not necessarily junk food, but food nonetheless. Oh well, we'll see how it works by itself (not counting the green tea extract and lecithin I take daily as supplements).
  13. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    Ummmm, what's a Sea Monkey spoon?

  14. It sounds as if Evo may be useful on a bulking phase. Reduced cortisol and increased appetite?
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  15. My brother got me a Sea Monkey kit a long time ago and I kept the spoon you use to feed them with. It's a just a small plastic spoon with different size scoops on each end.


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