1. Lightbulb L-Carnitine-Pyruvate?

    hey guys

    I´ve just wondered ,after CEE and Creatinepyruvate,
    what a chemical like Carnitinepyruvate would be like?
    Since both are essential for the body and pyruvate especially for burning fat
    This should be great for endurance and immunesystem plus you wouldn´t have
    to bother taking tons of both of these substances in pillform.

    How about producing something like thatmto see how it works?


  2. It would be a mixed effect, promoting weight loss from both sides of the issue. Carnitine burns fat but pyruvate burns sugar. I use creatine pyruvate pre w/o and it helps the malt shake do it's job I think. Gives better workouts definately. Massive doses of pyruvate are required to show real weight loss results though, just like green tea.

  3. Yes,that´s true,I´m using Creatinepyruvatre as well at the moment and like it,despite of its price.

    It says,that pyruvic acid is better absorbed in the stomach as well as creatine without the monohydrate.

    On the other hand there are issues with intestinal dicomfort,but which is not as bad.to me it seems.

    if you had a l-carnitine or Acetyl-L- Carnitinepyruvate you could have the benefits of the (suggested)better absorption plus -at a dose of -say- 6 grams a decent amount of L-carnitine and pyruvate.

    I don´t know the weights of each so I might be off with the dose.

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