Huge variation in Testosterone Bloodwork!!!!

  1. Huge variation in Testosterone Bloodwork!!!!

    Guys this is a follow up post to one I made last week some time. I had some follow up blood work done to try to figure out what is going on with my Test levels. the first blood work showed a very low normal total test and low normal free test (the PA thought it was high but I reviewed the test and she knows about as much as a little kid).

    So I had some follow up blood work done where I had blood drawn twice in the same day. My morning fasting test level was in the upper 700 range (793) then my late afternoon test level was measured again and it was only 290!!!!!! What the F&^%!! I mean I know that test is highest in the morning but isn't this type of variation pretty extreme? The doctor seemed to think it was unusual but o.k.

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  2. thats weird, try posting this in the anabolics section.

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