Trimax help

  1. Trimax help

    I am planning on running 2 weeks of Trimax.

    1.)What is the best way to take Trimax (like time of day, split doses etc)? Also u need to taper up and down, so if i did go up to 2 tabs per day how would u advise taking them?11111222222111?

    2.)They are 2mg tabs so i think 1 tab for the fisrt few days is more than enough? Also would u bumb it up to 2 tabs per day? I am 165lbs, and it says u should take 1mg/50lbs, so 3.3mg per day as a max. What u recommend?

    3.) Is pct required to help restore thyroid function? I have read some take 7-keto and other things to help? what u advise?

    Also, i am palnning on running clen alonside for 2 weeks. Will this help prevent catabolism? or will i still lose some muscle?

    Anyone who has any advise would be good!

  2. Time of day does not matter, but is personal preference. If taking more than 1 cap, plit the dosage evenly: 1 at morning and 1 at night.

    I would bump to 2 caps, yes.

    PCT is not required, but does help tremendously. If you are only doing it two weeks, you should not need it, but your results will not be as impressive either.

    BTW, have you sean the reference thread? Tri-Max

  3. yeah had a look through the 12 pages!! didnt really answer my questions though.

  4. what would u recommend for pct?

  5. 7-0H, L-tyrosine

  6. And increased cardio.


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