weight loss supp for my girlfriend

  1. weight loss supp for my girlfriend

    hey guys--- I am always bulking I have no idea what to tell my gf. I dont know anything about cutters/weight loss. I am looking for a good weight loss supp for my gf. To give you some background, she is 22, about 5foot6 and weights 130. She does a core training thing (one of those videotapes) every morning for like 20min. She lifts about 3-4 days a week along with about 20mins of cardio 3-4 days a week. Her diet is good, its like a bb's diet but much reduced. She is looking to lose about 10lbs mostly from the upper thigh lower butt region. No rc's please. Thanks guys

  2. Avant Lab's SesaThin would probably be your best bet as it works great any isn't a stimulant of any type (some girls get freaked out about stims).

  3. Is she looking to lose the weight for some event sometime soon, or can she just wait for Melting Point to come out within the next 2 months?

  4. she can wait, but she wants to start soon. Is melting point gonna be that good?

  5. it can be a stimulant, she doesnt care

  6. My girlfriend keeps bugging me to get her a weightloss supp and I keep telling her to wait for Melting Point.

    Most people on this board would say that it's worth the wait, but like Derek said, you can't go wrong by starting with some Seasthin or HEAT.

  7. anything else good guys?

  8. For simplicity you can always look for her to use Yohimbine stacked with other stims. Yohimbine tends to help decrease estrogen related fatty deposits by binding to both the alpha and beta receptors I believe. It may help her. Just my $.02

  9. Give her Sesathin and high potency green tea extract (like Primaforce's Lean Green). Not only will she drop weight they're both exceedingly good for her too.

    If she has trouble controlling calories you could get her H.E.A.T. or E/C to go with the above.

    Other than that I say primarily wait for Melting Point--most of the other good lipolytics out there are predominately drugs that I don't like to recommend to casual dieters.

  10. just to let you know, she doesnt have trouble controlling calories, she has a good diet. She is not really a casual dieter. She lifts and does cardio.

  11. My mom has had good success w/ Lipoderm-Y and a small amount of clen (300 mcg's) w/ one cup of green tea per day.

    She's lost 4-5 lbs in 2 weeks. I had her do a one week rotation as Loki recommened.

    BTW, thanks Loki.

  12. IMO, HEAT and Glucophase XR would make a great combo.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    small amount of clen (300 mcg's)

  14. Quote Originally Posted by DmitryWI
    Dispersed in a whole bottle of Lipoderm that's only 5-10mcg/administration, locally; not really that much clen at all.

    And glad I could be of help with the Clen/Lipoderm. I just remember one night having some Spiropent tablets and a bottle of Lipoderm and being like "hey wait a minute..."

  15. Quote Originally Posted by DmitryWI
    bump for an explaination on this.
  16. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    Could you use research chemical Clenbuterol....and what doses do you recommend as I have seen others (I think GRANT) use 1000 mcg in a bottle of Lipoderm.....could you use absolved or is LipoDerm the only carrier to be used....?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by MaNiaK1027
    Could you use research chemical Clenbuterol....and what doses do you recommend as I have seen others (I think GRANT) use 1000 mcg in a bottle of Lipoderm.....could you use absolved or is LipoDerm the only carrier to be used....?
    Loki recently addressed this in this thread.

    With 6 pumps 2x a day of Lipoderm-Y with caffeine, w/clen and tyramine added as described in the aforementioned thread, I went from 10mm suprailiac to 8mm suprailiac in a week. I was on oral clen at the same time, however, so YMMV.


  18. Needs to be LipoDerm because Clen HCl is VERY hyrophillic.

  19. Yeah, only 300 mcg. I didn't want to overdo it. My mom doesn't respond well to stimulents for the most part (bladder problems, etc). I just wanted to put a small amount in to see how she'd respond.

    Regardless, the whole concoction is working well. She's only using 2 pumps per day as of now. She said she feels fine after 2 weeks on, one off, so I'm going to have her go up to 4. Just goes to show how effective Lipoderm is.


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