DHEA, what is the deal

  1. DHEA, what is the deal

    I've read so much about this suppliment, I am currently not running any AAS/PH but I would like to take this supp to up my test levels. I have read so many different dosages that have been takin, I've read that it works, I've read that it doesnt work. I am just gonna see for myself i guess. I am expierimenting with natural suppliments while "off." Im planning on taking 75 mg of DHEA a day, 10,000 mgs of L-arginine a day, 1000 mgs of Chrysin a day, and 1000 mgs of tribulus terrestris a day. im also gonna throw some milk thistle in there cause my liver will probably be pissed off. Any opinions on this, I would really appreciate it!


  2. I think a lot also depends on the dose, I know Dr. D reccomends 200 mg PCT and you're using 75 mg so you may want to increase your dose. I'd also like to see how it works with 6-OXO.

    BTW, I haven't heard anything good about Chrysin but never personally used it.

  3. If you´re older,more into the 40´s then you´re having a good chance that it will give you a decent test-boost.

    If you´re younger than 40-save your money.Although I´ve heard it may be useful in PCT.

  4. I started doing 200mg a day in 2 doses and noticed it was easier to keep the fat off. I read somewhere it's good for getting rid of a spare tire and I'd have to agree it probably is. At least at my age (I'm 38).

  5. My opinion differs from others in regard to this, since you asked I will tell you what I think. First there are very few people that need more than 50 mgs a day. Second, make sure that you are getting the very best that money can buy, as we all know not all supps are created equally and you usually get what you pay for. Third, dont combine it with a bunch of other supps until you know how your body will react. Fourth, cycle it. I hope that helps.

  6. Why is it that everyone so interested in DHEA's testosterone boosting effects, which are poorly documented and shows little improvement in most cases, when it's effects on IGF-1 levels are well documented and show signifigant increases in most cases? I would think that should be of great interest to most bodybuilders.

  7. It does boost test, as well as estrogen, it IS mildly anabolic, the research is skewed by so much of it being undetermined quality of DHEA, some of it wasnt even DHEA it was yam extract. Most of the research conducted was not objective, if you want to read the best concerning this go to lef.org and do a search. I hope that helps you.

  8. Here's an interesting thread from not long ago. No change in test levels, but the decrease in BF/increase in lean mass is interesting. I might try some in a cut at 200-400mg day. In doses that high, it's probably much more cost effective in bulk. BAC has bulk DHEA, I think it's $11 for 20gms.

  9. How soluable is DHEA? I wonder if you could put it into solution/suspension effectively with just oil or if you'd need to use PEG.

  10. Dr. D may find his way over here, but if you look around, you'll find some good info he has posted regarding DHEA's benefits.

  11. Run a search, there is a ton of good info here as well as on Avant.

    Quote Originally Posted by CDB
    How soluable is DHEA? I wonder if you could put it into solution/suspension effectively with just oil or if you'd need to use PEG.
    Quite soluable. Although, IMO, it is better delivered transdmerally as it is supressive of cortisol in the liver.

    This is a great read.



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