Freshman 15 and counting...

  1. Freshman 15 and counting...

    I am a freshman in college about half way through 2nd semester. I never actually had a 6 pack but pretty much always had a tight, flat stomach...until college. Between the ****ty food, beer, and overall laziness, my stomach has gotten larger and i've develped some love handles. I lift 3 times a week and 1 day of cardio. I'm still not building muscle the way i used to be though. Needless to say i need some help, I understand my lifestyle is greatly influencing my health, but regardless, i need help on what to do first. I plan on dieting, but I also would not have any problems with a diet supplement along with a muscle building hormones ( no sterioids though). I greatly apprecite anyone with some advise and/or recommendations. Thanks.

  2. get your diet and training in order first, go to the diet forum and the exercise forum and post. I have a feeling both are way off.

  3. Heh, I went from 210 coming in freshmen year to 250 exiting...albeit I worked out like a dog and gained a ton of muscle and strength (I'm an olineman...I was 240 in high school and dropped to 210 over the summer because I didn't want to go to college all fat...put it all back on over the year though).

    If you can't give up the booze, drink hard liquor. Beer is TERRIBLE! I stopped with beer awhile ago and my weight stabilized (drinking obviously is really bad for you and muscle growth, but you're in college and I dont expect you to be a square).

    Like Undertaker said though, diet and training first. Campus food is ****, so try and make the best of it.

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