Has anybody heard of or tried AEE (Arginine Ethyl Ester)

  1. Has anybody heard of or tried AEE (Arginine Ethyl Ester)

    I saw this compound listed over @ bb.com. It was my 1st time hearing of it. Anyone else know anything, or is it too new?

    Seems like there's about to be a firecracker of an explosion in Ethyl Ester HCL compounds. GEE I wonder what's next... Glutamine Ethyl Ester HCL?!!?!

  2. curious...

  3. Finding a delivery method for oral aminos that mimickes IV dosing would be nice. Doesn't Oratropin have something along these lines for the delivery of CM IGF? I wonder, and Sledge if you see this maybe you can answer, it seems a lot of the guys like Sledge put a lot of effort into finding new compounds. I love 'em for it. What about making existing compounds more effective though, a specific example being getting oral delivery to more closely ressemble IV delivery for products where that would enhance the product's effectiveness? Take a substance with a demonstrated effect on protein synthesis or recovery etc. on healthy men and women when administered through an IV and try to mimic that. I guess all I'm asking is how much research do you guys think goes into delivery methods, like developing new ones?

  4. Yeah I feel it. I can definitely see Sledge coming through w/ some really superior form of glutamine or arginine. At a reasonable cost on top of that.

  5. I'm NOT a chemist. But maybe this or a related technology will make some otherwise questionably valuable supps (Ecdysterone, HMB, methoxy, etc.) come to life afterall!?



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