Anabolic Fitness NYC Stack

  1. Anabolic Fitness NYC Stack

    To my surprise, I found a couple bottles of the old norephed., yohimbine, and caffeine supp by anabolic fitness. The expiration is about a 8 months ago, but I still see no major problem in using them for a cut. Would ya'll agree? BTW, I also found a half used bottle of the original Biotest MD6 that expired a couple yrs ago. I am slightly skeptical on that one, but may still give it a try....

  2. im am not an expert but i dont think that old ephedra turns into anything harmful. i know it will lose its potency though

  3. I too still have 2 bottles NYC+ and 2 bottles Adipo. They are fine.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by sawastea
    I too still have 2 bottles NYC+ and 2 bottles Adipo. They are fine.
    Doesn't the NYC feel like a less potent version of adipo at the same dose? BTW, I forgot how bad the crash was on norephed.......

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