Let me start off by saying that i am not one that is easily affected by basically anything. up until today i used alcar + ginkgo biloba +taurine as a mild nootropic stack that i got minimal results from. i did notice slight increase in focus, but nothing to the extent i was expecting. i decided to give biotest spike a shot after reading a few favorable reviews. i took one cap a few hours ago when i woke up on an empty stomach. i dont know exactly when i noticed the affects but i think it was about 30 min after taking it. ok, now for the review of the affects. this stuff is amazing. period. i have never felt more focused than i do right now. i feel like i have complete tunnel vision, i can zone all my energy into what ever i am doing and block out all outside distractions. in a sense it is like my peripheral vision is gone, my focus is completely on what i want it to be on and nothing else. this is incredible. i have no extra kick of energy or anything along those lines, just an unbelievable feeling of focus. i am soooo glad i didnt wait to get my sample to try this product because who knows if we will ever actually get those samples. again, this is a great product, anyone looking for a nootropic NEEDS to give this serious consideration