My first 10 days on Ecdysterone - Long log/review

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  1. My first 10 days on Ecdysterone - Long log/review

    Some history. I started working out about 4 years ago. At that time I went on a 2 1/2 year streak where I worked out steady. For the first 8 months my training was horrible and gains sucked, but when college ended I moved and started lifting with a guy who had more experience then me and I made much bigger gains. After a while I stopped working with my partner cause our schedules changed and eventually I ended up getting married and basically quit lifting for about two years.

    Last summer I tried to start up again but ended up getting west nile. I was bed ridden for two weeks and couldn’t eat anything and I really didn’t get my strength back for months.

    Anyway, here and now...I started lifting again in January and now I am back in the full swing of things. The only supplement I have ever taken before is whey. Over my first 9 weeks of lifting I made good gains and went from 172lbs to 180lbs, but as can be expected things started to taper off a bit and gains became slower towards the end of 2 months. One thing I should mention is that I have never really been all that strong. When I lift I usually end up “looking? stronger than I am.

    I researched ecdysterone a bit and read all the hyped up marketing stuff(which sounded great) and then I read all the poor user feedback, but in the feedback I kept coming across reviews here and there of people that had pretty decent success with the product and gained some nice mass. It seemed like the main difference between those that got nothing from it and those that made gains was the dosage. Most of the feedback I have found on it was from a couple of years ago when ecdysterone first came out and at that time most all the of the products came with a 30mg dosage 3x/day and it was pretty expensive. The people that experienced gains were all taking about a gram or more with high protein diets.

    After reading up on it I decided I had to try it out for myself. I ordered a bottle of 25 grams ECD powder from BAC. Each 133mg serving contains 75mg of 20-beta-hydroxyecdysterone, 45mg of other ecdysterones and a few mg of filler powder. I always take a 1 ml scoop which is 200mg total and should contain about 112mg of 20 beta H-ECD. I usually fill the scoop a bit over the line so it ends up being slightly more.

    So far I have taken 600-1000 mg a day since March 7th. I take 3-5 doses a day. I always follow my doses with a protein shake. ON whey 1 scoop with about 7oz of 2% milk so I figure it’s around 30 grams, except my post workout shake which has 2 scoops of whey. I take it in the morning at about 7:45am, then again between 11:30-Noon, again around 5:00pm, again post workout, and then again before bed. Some days I end up missing a dose here or there so I don’t always get a gram.

    As you can see I have only been taking it for 10 days but the stuff really seems to be kicking in. I took it from the 7th to the 11th without experiencing much. On the second day of dosing (Tuesday) I felt a weird sort of stimulant feeling after my 5:00 dose and I stayed with the feeling up Wednesday but it was gone by Thursday and I have not felt it since. During the first week my lifts did not seem to change much at all. I was having a lot of doubts that it would do anything until I weighed myself on Saturday and I was up 3.5 lbs to 183.5. When I got home from the gym I was doing some major examining in the mirror and noticed that my quads seemed noticeably bigger. I felt a bit bigger all around but the quads were the place I really noticed. My next lift was on Tuesday and when I got to the gym I weighed in at 186. It was leg day and when I did my normal squats I noticed it was pretty easy and I ended 20 lbs higher than the week before. I then moved over to do hamstrings..machine where you sit down. Same thing…my normal weight was way too easy so I upped the weight by 20lbs and still managed to bust out 10x each set.

    Today was my second workout for the week and it was chest. Last week I had just managed to move up to 65lb dumbbells for my main chest exercise and got 6x4x3x and on that third one I barely got it up. It had taken me a month to move from 60s to 65s. I did my first set and rocked out 6 reps and could have done more, but held off. Then I moved on to my next set and got 6 again and again I could have done more. On the 3rd set I managed to get 7!!! Needless to say I was and am still pretty excited. I have never seen a boost in strength like that before. After my leg day I was pleased but still a bit skeptical, but after today’s workout I am pretty sure this stuff is working.

    Based on my mirror checks I have not really gained much if any fat. Today when I weighed in I was down a pound to 185 and before I went to the gym I felt like I looked a bit leaner…kinda like when you look in the mirror in the morning when you first get up. The only other effect I would say I feel is that normally when I get home from work I am ready to crash and usually nap for about an hour or so, but when I force myself to get up I am already in a deep sleep. This week though when I get home from work and go to nap I didn’t really feel like I needed it and never managed to fall completely asleep and waking up was much easier. I only notice this during my nap though. Waking up in the morning is still not any easier.

    That was a long post but I wanted to give as much info as I could to provide info about other factors that might be involved. It was basically a full log/review of my first 10 days on ecdysterone and I figured some might be interested.

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    Thank you for posting as many here are excited about this product. Have you changed your workouts, your diet (more protein) or anything else that may skew the results?

  3. Protein is up. Before I only supplemented in about 2 shakes a day ~70 grams. In my research on ecd a lot of the info stated that it depends on protein with a high BV so i have been downing a 30 gram shake after every dose which is a decent increase. I have taken high amounts of whey in the past and never responded like this, but i have to admit it could be a factor.

    Workouts are the same.

  4. IMO it's just a very underrated supplement and by experience best results seen when cutting (although my cuts have been short lived). The thing is you have to take a lot a well and not many people want to foot tha money on something that seems like bro'logic.

  5. Who is BAC. Do you have a link?

  6. BAC = beyond a century

    scroll down a bit. Its listed as ECD. $17.20 for 25 grams of powder.

  7. I'm wonderin if the powder can be put in oil for IM?

    Natiels...You didn't think about adding the 5 Methyl 7 Methoxy along with using the ECD?

  8. Natiels...You didn't think about adding the 5 Methyl 7 Methoxy along with using the ECD?
    I considered it but I wanted to single out the results I got to see if the ECD really worked.
    I'm wonderin if the powder can be put in oil for IM?
    not sure what IM mean suspend it in oil for injection? That would be cool if it would increase the bioavailability and make it more potent
  9. Red face

    Yeah.. I meant injection.

    The kits that are available such as Dazed..could these possibly be used for ECD?

    btw..this will be my last irrelavent post in your log. Sorry about that..
    Last edited by Champ; 03-19-2005 at 05:27 PM.

  10. Did back today Sat March 19. I usually try to do lower rep heavy sets and once i can do an exercise for 6x6x6x I move up. Last week I did 165lbs 6x6x5x on lat pull down machine. This week i figured i would go up to 180lbs since all my other lifts were up and i got 6x6x5x. that is a very decent gain for me considering that means i am almost ready to move up again.

    I am also happy about that gain because i had not eaten much yet for the day when i worked out and i was afraid i wasnt gonna have much energy.

    My weight is still hovering between 185 and 186. The gym scale was gone today(seems to be an on going problem at my gym) but my home scale said i was up half a pound.

    I am beginning to fear that i havent been eating enough calories to maintain the extra weight i have gained so i am trying to make an effort to eat more. I don't really count cals so not sure how much i have taken in, but i am a computer programmer which means i sit on my butt all day so my requirement is probably a bit lower than average.

  11. I don't think ecdysterone is all that great after trying it, but that's bot a bad price you found on it.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by CDB
    I don't think ecdysterone is all that great after trying it, but that's bot a bad price you found on it.
    Could you give some more details? What brand did you use? What was your dosage? What results, if any, did you see?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by natiels
    Could you give some more details? What brand did you use? What was your dosage? What results, if any, did you see?
    I bought enough Bug Juice by Trigger Factors to hit about 2 grams a day for a month. Found a very good sale at SuperVita. No results to report in the end. Didn't feel any different or notice anything different in the end. I notice with this product you could easily get up to 5 grams a day for a month, if I calculated properly, and a lot cheaper than I got 2 grams a day for. May give it another shot at that dose.

  14. Just posting this to finish up my review of ecdysterone.

    After the big gains I saw 2 weeks into my dosing of ecdysterone I didnt see anymore gains in strength or mass. My weight has stayed around 185.

    I feel that the ecdysterone probably did help me get those gains because I have never experienced a jump like that in strength or mass in such a short time, but then it just tapered off.

    If somebody could find a way to make this stuff more bioavailable(maybe its good enuf already) or perhaps cheaper so you could take some mega doses it might be worth it, but overall it would prolly be better to just spend the cash on proven things like creatine.

  15. Thanks for the updates.

  16. Thanks natiels for the nice log.
    I´m working out with Anavar GH(3iu/d) and Ecdy and this combo seems to rock!
    I gained a bit too much for endurance and that in less than 10 days.I look a lot fuller my skin improved and sometimes (not always,but after intense training,though) I sleep like never befor.-)
    I even doubted my Ox wasn´t A-Bombs.

    Effects started after or into the 4th day on Ecdy/GH(was 2months on gh already before) solely,then I added OX at 20mg/day.This **** alltogether rocks.
    It´s only that it is in a composition which isn´t sold anymore here in Europe,so
    your link is useful as well!

    Anyone tried the stuff from 1-fast?

    PS:Psychologically I feel much more rested as well.Nice adaptogenic effects!

  17. Odd that you mentioned skin improved because i noticed that also. Seemed like I had fewer blemishes and skin just looked healthier. I was never really sure if i could pin it on the ecdysterone so i didnt mention it. Im not taking anything else though so I assume it was the ecd.

  18. I thought ,it had something to do with the fresh-look u mentioned,like u have just splept
    well and skin looks tight!;-)

  19. With the price of this product I think you really just have to overcome the bioavailability problem to make it economical. I have no idea if it's possible to methylate ecdysterone, or if it would even help. Who knows how this stuff is processed, what causes the poor bioavailability and how to increase it? Then you run into the problem of the methylated version of any substance sometimes being so different than the nonmethylated version that you might lose the characteristics you're looking to get from it. From everything I've read, it's got potential. Someone with a lot more knowhow than most just has to figure out a way to take advantage of its potential.

    I'm also wondering right now as I write this if a transdermal is possible. I have no idea if ecdysterone can pass through the skin or would be stable in the transdermal formula.

  20. I'm with Champster, using it IM suspended in oil sounds interesting.
    anyone try it yet?

  21. You don´t need to inject everything.
    Ecdysteroids are highly bioavailable per oral,so there is no need for the hassel of brewing and injecting IMHO.

  22. Actually I dont think they are highly bioavailable orally, if they were, one would get alot better results from them. I started a thread in the DS section awhile back about injectable ecdy, I will see if I can find it. I agree with CDB on trying to methylate it, as ecdy does seem to have some good potential if we could just find a better method of delivery to get more benefits from it. For transdermal delivery, the molecular weight needs to be low enough to pass through the skin, although I have no idea what it is(heading to google it...)

  23. Well I couldnt find the molecular size of ecdy, but Legal Gear has ecdysterone in its transdermal Product X, so it must be possible for transdermal applications. The only thing is I havent really heard any positive reviews on that product, I think there are a few logs over at about it.

  24. Wonder if you could use the same sort of homebrew techniques that are used on cattle pellets to make an injectable out of the powder from BAC.

    Also there was some company that had a sublingual ecdysterone product and I read a couple of posts where people said it seemed to work a bit, but the dose in it was very low and the price was very high.

  25. I'm sure you could make it into an injectable, but you would have to find a way to esterify it so would have some sort of a time release on it, or else have fun poking yourself 2x a day with the base.


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