Sublingual Vitamin B

  1. Sublingual Vitamin B

    hey guys, i'm looking to reap some benefits from vitamin B's affect on appetite, I already eat about 7-8 ~800 calorie meals/day, but it's just not enough to bulk

    I'm hoping somebody can recommend a brand/product that I can try out, I've been reading injectable/sublingual B12 is the best appetite increaser, being 18 and in college i'd like to avoid needles if possible, so if anybody knows a good sublingual vitamin B appetite enhancer and could let me know, I'd appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance


  2. Thumbs up b vit sun lingual

    NO SHOT makes some b vit combo. I like the b12, b6, folic mix. micro tabs. the mix is much better then straight b12 shots. just google no shot and you'll get ur 411.

  3. thanks for the info bro

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